Membership FAQ's

Q: Do I have to live at Jupiter Country Club to be a member of the Club?

A: As a general rule, you must be a resident of the Jupiter Country Club community to become a member, however, from time to time a limited number of memberships may be offered to non-residents living outside of the community.  Please inquire with the membership office regarding availability. 

Q: Does one membership grant access to my entire family?

A: Yes. A membership at Jupiter Country Club will entitle both the member and the member’s spouse along with their unmarried children under the age of 24, who are either living at home or attending school on a full-time basis, to enjoy the Club. 

Q: Do membership dues have to be paid in one installment, or can I make payments?

A: Full and Club Members of Jupiter Country Club are offered two options for the payment of annual membership dues. Dues may either be paid by check, prior to the start of the membership year, or by auto account debit on a monthly basis, along with other monthly use charges. Existing Annual Members will be billed in accordance with their signed renewal agreements.

Q: Do I have to be a member of the Club if I live in the community?

A: Yes. Membership is mandatory for residents of Jupiter Country Club, with the minimum requirement being a Club Membership. Full and Intermediate Memberships are based on availability and may be subject to a waiting list.  

Q: Is Jupiter Country Club an Equity Club?

A: No. Jupiter Country Club is a non-equity club.

For more information or to begin your membership experience, contact our Assistant General Manager, Mike Bronkema: (561) 743-9100, ext. 208 or click here to email

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